New York City Real Estate: Spanish-speaking Buyers Guide

Maria Fernanda Roda  |  March 1, 2023


New York City Real Estate:  Spanish-speaking Buyers Guide

The process of purchasing an apartment in New York City is full of challenges. From finding an agent to searching for properties to touring apartments to drawing up offers, there are a lot of steps prospective buyers must overcome on their way to becoming a homeowner in this competitive housing market. When a property isn’t located in a buyer’s native country, the purchase process can be even more complex. 

To help you prepare for a smooth transition into the Big Apple, here’s what you need to know when purchasing real estate in New York City. 

What is the right neighborhood? 

New York City has many great and unique neighborhoods to choose from. Many of the neighborhoods feel like cities and worlds of their own. You will need to consider your specific wants and needs when choosing the best neighborhood. Think about the things that matter most to you and ask yourself the following questions: Is the apartment I want to buy for a long-term investment? 

Will it be my second home and will I only use it to go on vacation? 

Depending on your needs as a real estate agent Maria Fernanda can help you get the best option available.

Legal considerations

All of the legal documents you encounter will be written in English. Even if you are a fluent English speaker, if it isn’t your native language, you may want to have the documents reviewed by a bilingual attorney or real estate agent. This way, you can have it explained to you in your native language before you sign binding documents. Make the real estate transaction easier by working with professionals who speak your native language. As a real estate agent, Maria Fernanda Roda can recommend lawyers who speak your language.

Request a Comparative Analysis of the property you want to buy 

As your real estate agent, Maria Fernanda can make you a Comparative Analysis of the property that you like. This analysis is very important to know if the price offered is correct and if it is necessary to make a counter offer.

Find a real estate agent 

One of the most important decisions prospective homeowners face when beginning their property search is the real estate agent they hire. A qualified agent will be in tune with their client’s needs and be able to locate homes in line with the features they’re seeking. When entering a competitive housing market like New York City as a Spanish-speaking buyer, finding a great real estate agent is critical for a successful home search.

You’ll want a real estate agent who knows the challenges you’re handling as a Spanish-speaking buyer and can help you overcome these problems with their insight into the community. 

Spanish speakers will especially benefit from selecting a Spanish-speaking realtor so that communication is more effective.  

If you’re from Latin American or Spain moving to New York City and are looking for professional guidance for your home search, Maria Fernanda Roda can help. With deep roots in the community and years of experience matching prospective homeowners with fantastic properties in great neighborhoods, Maria Fernanda understands your distinct needs as a Spanish speaking buyer. She’ll help you navigate New York City’s real estate market, including Tribeca condos, Chelsea, Soho, Financial District, Upper West Side, Upper East Side townhomes, and more.

Maria Fernanda specializes in finding rental and investment properties on behalf of high net worth individuals and Latin America and Spanish clients.

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